The local Thai currency is the Thai baht (THB).

As of June 19 2024, it is hovering around 2.04 baht to 1 ZAR (the best in 22 years).

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Thai baht

All VISA and MASTERCARD cards are accepted in most Thailand shops, although if you are buying food or souvenirs on the street you will need cash.

If you decide to draw money at an ATM (of which there are many), you will be charged 220 baht per ATM transaction and your SA bank will charge you a fee of about R160 to R200. 

Foreign exchange is available at both Bangkok airports.

TIP: You will get 1000 baht noted from the ATM. The best place to get change is at any 711 shop. These are found EVERYWHERE in Thailand. In Bangkok alone, there are over 3500 of them (711).

But you will need to buy something. It doesn't matter how small, they will never refuse a 1000 baht note.

Also, if you need to ask for a 711, don't say 'seven eleven'. The locals call it ' sev-vehhhn'.