There are various transportation options provided for tourists – by land, by air, and boat.



Travelling on the road is the main choice if you wish to go through provinces within Thailand.

Public Transportation: either long-distance or short-distance.

Bangkok has a decent public transportation network. Tourists can travel around central Bangkok by

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Airport Rail Link Bangkok 

Airport Rail Link (ARL)

Airport Rail link provides train service at the maximum speed of 160 kilometer per hour on an elevated track parallel to the eastern railway, which covers the distance of approximately 28 kilometers, passing through 8 stations:
Phaya Thai Station, Rajprarop Station, Makkasan Station and City Air Terminal, Ramkhamhaeng Station, Hua Mark Station, Thab Chang Station, Lad Krabang Station, and Suvarnabhumi Station.
Passengers who wish to travel to Suvarnabhumi Airport have three options of service: 
  1. SA Express - a train service that transports passenger from City Air Terminal or Makkasan Station to Suvarnabhumi Airport within 15 minutes without stopping at any station along the way.
  2. SA Express - a new express route that transports passenger from Phyathai Station to Suvarnabhumi Airport within 20 minutes without stopping at any station along the way.
  3.  City Line -  a train service that transports passengers between Phyathai Station and Suvarnabhumi Airport within 30 minutes and stops at every station along the way. 
    It can be connected to MRT (subway) at Makkasan Station and BTS (skytrain) at Phyathai Station.

Operates daily from 06.00 - 24.00 hrs. 

Airport Rail Link


Bangkok public transportation map (below)

Public transport map Bangkok


Songthaew (pronounced song- tow - with the 'ow' as in eina pain)

Songthaew (bakkie taxi)

BTS Bangkok

Taxi: Bangkok and most big cities have metered taxis. Download the BOLT taxi app for the best taxi prices in Bangkok.

Bangkok metered taxi

Tuk Tuk: a three-wheeled motorcycle which becomes a symbol of Thailand and can be found around Bangkok and in some provinces. 

Bangkok Tuk-Tuk

Motorcycle Taxi: motorcycle taxis can be found close to street intersections or small alleys for quick transportation and short distances. 

Motorbike taxi

For the more independent tourist - vehicle rental companies can be found in big cities, airports, and bus or train stations. 

Driving in Thailand is easy for South Africans as they also drive on the left in Thailand. Cops and taxis are scarce. The only time I have been pulled over was to take part in a compulsory tourist satisfaction survey :-) 

The roads are better than SA. Currently lots of new roads being constructed - especially around Bangkok.

But beware of the Friggin Fruit Farmers (FFF). They load their bakkies vertically and hop into the fast lane and stay there. They can't change lanes in case they topple over. Unfortunately, the only way to pass them is illegally on the left. 


Travelling by car, motorcycle and bicycle is quite convenient for tourists because there are traffic signs available both in the Thai and English languages.


Thailand has two long coastlines – the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman coast islands. Also, there are many rivers and canals throughout the country including Bangkok which once was called the 'Venice of the East.’ 
The long-tail boats are a main transport on rivers and canals in Bangkok and neighboring provinces.

Longtail boats
Visitors can also have a boat trip or river cruise in Bangkok. 
Snorkeling, fishing and squid fishing are available in other provinces.
Hop on-hop off boat Bangkok river


There are many domestic air routes between Bangkok and provincial capitals.
The two main airports in Bangkok are Don Mueang International Airport  (DMK) and
Suvarnabhumi  (BKK - pronounced Soo-wanna-phoom) International Airport. 

The first Thai airport was Don Mueang International Airport, which started providing service since in 1914 and was closed in 2006 when Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) was officially opened. However, Don Mueang Airport (DMK) was reopened again in 2007 for domestic flights.

These days we have many international airlines from many countries all over the world operating from Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi, making these some of the most important airports in South East Asia.

There are also international airports in tourist popular provinces of Thailand such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket. Hat Yai, Udon Thani and Krabi. 

This network of airports bolsters the Thai tourism industry and encourages those tourists who don’t want to spend too much of their time travelling by bus, van or boat.

Here is a list of some airlines that do domestic flights in Thailand. (TIP: Some of these airlines have really cheap fares to other SE Asia countries, such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Singapore, Philippines, Bali, Nepal, etc)

Bangkok Airways

Bangkok airways


Nok Air

Nok Air


Thai Smile Air

Thai Smile Air


Thai Lion Air

Thai Lion Air

air asia

air asia


Thai Viet Jet Air

Thai Viet Jet Air

There are a few more domestic airlines. Google them. 


Getting from the airport to Bangkok central.

1. Arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)

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2. Arriving at Don Mueang Airport

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